Among the albums released by Depeche Mode up to now (2015) are 13 studio albums. There also are live albums, compilation albums, and video albums.

Studio albums

Speak & Spell (1981)

A Broken Frame (1982)

Construction Time Again (1983)

Some Great Reward (1984)

Black Celebration (1986)

Music for the Masses (1987)

Violator (1990)

Songs of Faith and Devotion (1993)

Ultra (1997)

Exciter (2001)

Playing the Angel (2005)

Sounds of the Universe (2009)

Delta Machine (2013)

Spirit (2017) (upcoming)

Live albums

101 (1989)

Songs of Faith and Devotion Live (1993)

Recording the Angel (2006)

Recording the Universe (2009)

Live in Berlin Soundtrack (2014)

Compilation albums

People Are People (1984) (US only)

The Singles 81-85 (1985) (UK , Europe , Asia and Africa only)

Catching Up with Depeche Mode (1985) (US only)

Greatest Hits (1987) (Germany only)

The Singles 86>98 (1998)

The Singles 81>85 (1998) (reissue of The Singles 81-85)

The Best of Depeche Mode Vol. 1 (2006)

Video albums

The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg (1985) (based on the same concert from Hamburg , Germany in December 14 , 1984)

Some Great Videos (1985)

Strange (1988) (based on the songs from Black Celebration and Music for the Masses)

101 (1989) (Documentary of Depeche Mode's live concert based on the same concert from Pasadena , California , United States in June 18 , 1988)

Strange Too (1990) (based on the songs from Violator)

Devotional (1993) (based on the same concert from Barcelona , Spain in 17 July 1993)

The Videos 86>98 (1998)

Some Great Videos 81>85 (1998) (An reissue of Some Great Videos , the difference is the title cards from The Videos 86>98 is used thru the beginning of each song)

One Night in Paris (2002) (based on the same concert from Paris , France in 9 and 10 October 2001)

The Videos 86>98 + (2002) (An reissue of The Videos 86>98 with 3 new videos and 3 electronic press kits from each album)

Touring the Angel: Live in Milan (2006) (based on the same concert from Milan , Italy in 18 and 19 February 2006)

The Best of Videos Vol. 1 (2006) (based on the same album as The Best of Vol. 1 and it includes Just Can't Get Enough , Everything Counts , Original video of People Are People , Shake the Disease for the first time on DVD)

Tour of the Universe: Live in Barcelona 20/21.11.2009 (2010) (based on the same concert from Barcelona , Spain in 20 and 21 November 2009)

Live in Berlin: A Film by Anton Corbjin (2014)

Video Singles Collection (2016) (upcoming) (This is the first DVD release to include the all of the videos)

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